Consider this Your Virtual goodie bag!

Hospitality is a high value in our family.  We love to invite people into our home, spend some time making things beautiful, serve good food, and send our friends away with goody bags.  Sometimes it's food.  Sometimes it's flowers.  Sometimes it's a book or a little present.  We want to communicate that we are so glad that they came and spent time with us.

This feels similar to me.  You are here at my internet home.  The place where my thoughts, writings, photographs, and offerings “live.”  Like I wrote on my About page, there are so many places in the world to find.  And, I am honored that you found mine.  So, in lieu of leftover food, or some flowers from the party, I am gifting you some free offerings, affectionately referred to as Freebies.

These are intended to give you more exposure to me, my “voice” and to allow you more experience with those things.  My goal is to build trust and to give you things that will be valuable as you continue to do the important work of Deepening, Connecting and Dreaming.

NEW Cared For Through Slow and Small Published Cover


The Cared For Journal gives you the opportunity to develop (or further deepen into) into consistent and beautiful care for yourself. It includes Personal Practices that will ground your day. It also includes weekly Feelings Checks, a weekly Gratitude & Grieving Practice and space for both written and/or drawing Free Flow Processing.I encourage you to take time each day to engage with your Personal Practices, while also engaging weekly with the Feelings Check and Gratitude & Grieving Practice.  As you think about what you want to focus on each week, look at it through the lens of Slow and Small. That is a way that slow you into grounding and connecting with the depth of yourself and allowing your world be be appropriately smaller.  

The Journal is now a 12 months long and available on Amazon.  So, not really a Freebie anymore, but definitely an offering that I love and am so excited about.  Click the link below and it will take you to Amazon to purchase.


Vision board exercise

Vision Board Courses and Exercises are at approximately 4,572,964 places on the internet. (Maybe that is a slight exaggeration.) So, why add one more?  Because I love to create them, and they have been powerful for me over the last 17 years. When we are longing to step into a new or deepened season, we need inspiration and direction to keep dreaming and growing. Vision boards are a tool to help us unearth all that has been sitting under the surface waiting for us to give time and space for it all to emerge.


Music Makers

The portion of this poem has hung in every house I have had since the beginning of graduate school.  It inspires me, challenges me and reminds that, though this work can be lonely, it is worth it.  And, we are, in fact, "the movers and shakers of the world forever it seems." Please download this, print it out, frame it and place it where it will inspire you and challenge you to make music and dream dreams.

Let Me Live in a House

Let me live in a house

This always hangs by our front door.  It is what we aspire to and long for.  "To live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man."  Please download this, print it out, frame it and place it by your front door.  Allow it to welcome all who enter your home.


A practical resource

This is a practical resource for you as you step further into: feelings work, staying on your side of the street, moving out of codependence.  It describes these things (with fun graphics) and then describes how to incorporate engagement with them into morning and evening personal practices.  As always, none of these practices are ever about perfection (as perfect does NOT exist), but they are to be used as a kind tool in your growth.  Kindness always.  Shame and perfection never.

Journaling Guide Pic

Dr. Mangin Journaling guide

You all asked for it and here it is!!  This is a practical guide for you as you step further into the practice of journaling.  My guide will show you some solid research and then deepen your engagement with journaling.  You will address your history, hindrances and identify the themes that hold you back.  At the end of it, you will have a personalized plan to support you making journaling a consistent practice.  You all noted that you wanted a way to journal with prompts but for it not to be too prompt-y.  A tall order.  And, I think I nailed it.  Enter your email below and the link will come to you.  This guide will grow and deepen your journaling practice.  And, it is such an important and powerful practice to cultivate. You can do this!

Free is my favorite 4 letter word.

Anthony Mangin