I’m Dr. Berrylin Mangin.

You can call me Berrylin.

There are so many spaces in the world to find.  So, however, you found yourself here, I am so glad that you did.

First, a bit about me.  I am a woman and a daughter.  I am a sister and a friend.  I am a life-long learner and a lover of story.  I am a justice seeker and a beauty encourager. I am a Psychologist and a Coach.  I am a wife and a Mama.  I am faith-tethered questioner and a lover of the Earth. I am a flawed human just like you.  I think those flaws and how we grow through them are where the beauty shines through. (If you want more about my history, just head on down to the bottom of this page.)

Since 2007, I have been walking along courageous humans as they dive into their own souls and stories.  As I have gained time and experience, I have found that I am gifted to do 3 main things with people.  The first is to help them continue to deepen into who they were created to be.  For them to know their story and to know deep down what their beauty is and where their brokenness is.  For them to see that all that is within is worthy of knowing and developing.  The second is to then help them to connect with God (if that fits faith wise) and with safe others.  Community is vitally important.  We need each other.  And, we can show up to that community different once we have cleared the rumble of trauma and deepened into ourselves.  Through that, we also have the ability to be a safe person and notice which people are and are not safe (for the most part – nobody is perfect).   Lastly, with the foundation of deepening and connecting to safe community, I help them to dream about how to live their one precious life.  To take all that is within them and look around their world and leave a legacy of a life well lived.  I love to work through this process with brave souls.

Through the years, I have had clients and friends ask for resources and writings to aid them in their journey.  And, for them to have access to those in order to share them with others.  It brings my heart great joy when they say those things.  The writing part is something I do regularly.  The two ways to engage with those writings is to go to the Writings page and to follow me on Instagram.  I post regularly to Instagram and write a long section for the website about every month or so. If there is every anything you would like me to focus on or write more about, just drop me an email.  I am consistently creating new resources and those are placed on my Freebies page.  The first of those is a Vision Board Exercise and is a good place to start. I hope that what I create has value for you and encourages you, wherever you are on your journey to Deepen, Connect and Dream.

My story began in North Florida. I was born and raised in Jacksonville. I still love it there. I miss my family, the beach, the smell of the marsh and the way Spanish moss hangs on an old Magnolia trees.

From there, my life went on quite the cross country road trip. I began my graduate work at Boston College and then transferred to complete my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Regent University. My internship was at the University of North Dakota Counseling Center. Yes, it is in fact cold there.  I thought Boston had prepared me.  It did not.

In 2008, post-internship and graduation, I moved to Tennessee and spent the first 3 years working with students at Austin Peay State University. I then worked for 2 years at the YMCA Restore Ministries Counseling Center. I went into private practice in August 2013.

I loved living in Tennessee. My roots there are almost as deep as my Florida roots. My grandfather was born and raised in Nashville and I feel comforted by the all the family that claims me there. Nashville and Jacksonville are my two hometowns.

In August of 2020, our little family embarked on a grand adventure. (I do actually practice what I preach.) We packed up and moved to St. Andrews, Scotland for my husband to pursue his dreams through a Masters degree at the University of St. Andrews. He is now continuing on to get his Doctorate at the University of Edinburgh though we have claimed St. Andrews as our home. I do miss both of my hometowns and am also head over heels in love with this precious place.


Gratitude and grief
flow into one another.

Dr. Berrylin Mangin