I am a woman and a daughter.  I am a sister and a friend.  I am a life-long learner and a lover of story.  I am a justice seeker and a beauty encourager. I am a Psychologist and a Coach.  I am a wife and a Mama.  I am faith-tethered questioner and a lover of the Earth. I am a flawed human just like you.  And I am so glad that you are here.

In the work of my own deepening, and walking in that deepening with others, I have found that we all need safe souls to walk alongside us.  We are not made to do it alone. I journey alongside brave humans as they step into all that they were created to be.  Once you have done the foundational work of knowing your story and clearing the rubble, we can start to build.  In our work together, you will deepen into who you are created to be, connect with the safe community around you and dream about how to live your one and precious life.

So, here we are. Souls connecting through time and space. I so look forward to this shared journey.  Onward!  Together.

You have deep, immeasurable and
steadfast worth.

Dr. Berrylin Mangin

For a better idea of me and what our work together would feel like, check out my Writings

Blooming where you are planted?

When I bought my first house, my Mom bought me a Dark Eyes Fuchsia. It was gorgeous! Take a moment to go and look it up if you don't know ...
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Wild Swimming

The clouds shrouded the sun, and yet the view was clear. The Isle of May stood at her post in the distance. I can see the windmill, still and steady, ...
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North Sea

Room at the End of the World

(NOTE: This Writing includes Faith portions.) There is a song by Matt Nathanson called, "Room at the end of the world." It was a favorite of mine a long time ...
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Tree in Cairngorm Mountains

Grow Your Roots

A couple of weeks ago, we rented a car and went on "Mangin Family Adventures." You should hear our 3 year old say "Adventures." I dare you to tell me ...
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Liminal Space: The Place that I did not know that I live in.

My husband wrote a paper recently for the end of his term.  In order to read it well, I had to look up a number of words and concepts.  (Yeah ...
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Know Your Worth November

Life has been different in 2020.  I keep saying, “In March, the world shut down.”  Or, “Please come visit us when the world opens back up.”  However we state it, ...
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(These are my thoughts since I noticed the sacredness of our son’s bellybutton.) We give you baths almost every night now. Mainly to help with the breakdowns that occur because ...
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Hosanna to Alleluia

(NOTE: This is a full faith post.) I've written parts of this post all week. It feels well that I should finish it on Easter. One o’clock and my home ...
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(NOTE: This post contains a part at the end about my faith life) Through these last couple of posts, I have attempted to answer the question, “What do we do ...
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(Note: This post will include faith portions.) In the middle of a random week in February, my husband and I had a two night getaway in the hills of Tennessee. ...
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