Tree in Cairngorm Mountains

Grow Your Roots

A couple of weeks ago, we rented a car and went on “Mangin Family Adventures.” You should hear our 3 year old say “Adventures.” I dare you to tell me there is anything cuter than that. We went a bit of everywhere. Scotland is BREATHTAKING. Truly. You come around every corner and wonder if she can get any more beautiful. And, then she does. In order to explore all the beauty of her, we do Mangin Family Adventures as often as we can afford to rent a car (because it is expensive anyway and the exchange rate is NOT our friend.)

One of the things we did on this last go-round was to drive to the Cairngorm National Forrest and do a hill climb to walk with the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd. It was spectacular. The reindeer are not domesticated but they are tame and they are beautiful. And, the view around forces one to stop, breathe and reflect on the glory of it all. (Pictures below)

I passed this tree on the way in but was too focused on navigating the pram and our son to really take her in. On the way back, I stopped to hear what she was there to remind me, and this is what it was…


Here is the truth. Life is BEAUTIFUL and life is BROKEN. It is full of joy and pain. You will not get out alive. And, you only get this one chance to live it well. And, that WELL means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For me, this is what WELL means:

  • Learning your story; the beautiful, the broken, the hidden and waiting
  • Doing the work to heal through the wounds in it and knowing how to maintain that through all seasons of life
  • Knowing in the depths of your soul that you have innate worth
  • Finding your voice and learning to use it with strength and compassion
  • Learning to live in the space of Grief and Gratitude
  • Choosing Contentment over chaos
  • Practicing Peace
  • Learning what YOUR baseline is for Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Relational Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, and Vocational Wellness
  • Discovering or re-discovering where your Passion is, what you are Dreaming toward and the legacy you want to create

That is what Being Well means to me. And, I think it is a beautiful and grounded way of living your one and precious life. Which takes me back to that beautiful tree and her reminder to grow my roots. To intentionally stretch my roots toward all those things above that will feed me, teach me, grow me, heal me, and sustain me. If I am well watered, sun kissed, and my roots are deep and strong…I will be able to sustain all the beautiful days and all the stormy days.

I am bringing her reminder to you. GROW YOUR ROOTS. BE WELL. You are completely and totally worth it.

Cairngorm Reindeer Herd
Cairngorm Reindeer Herd
Cairngorm Mountains
Cairngorm Mountains