How to work with me

So, here is the truth.  You have innate, immeasurable and steadfast worth. And, you have a place in this world that is just for you. Together, we will help you to:

  • Deepen into who you were created to be.
  • Connect with God (if that is congruent for you), yourself and safe others.
  • Dream about how you will live out your one beautiful life. As a result, you will be more passionate, peaceful and content in the life you have. Ready?

Here are the ways that we can work together:

  • Individual and Couple Therapy
  • Individual Coaching
  • The Cared For Journal
  • Cared For Retreats (led by me)
  • Cared For Personalized Retreats (self-led)


If you would like to work together, send me an email at [email protected].


I work virtually with individuals and couples who are residents of the state of Tennessee.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is for those who are learning their stories; those who have done the large parts of the deep trauma work and are ready to move into growth and dreaming; or those who are just in a season of needing direction and growth. I love to do all of this work. To build a strong (or reinforce) foundation and to step fully into your one precious life. This is movement focused.  Knowing your story and deepening fully into all that is within you. Finding and connecting with safe community. Dreaming about what you want to do and experience in this precious life of yours.

Cared For

Over the last two decades, I have walked alongside hundreds of people.  I have focused primarily (though not solely) on women.  I empower them, help them to learn their stories, support them as they pursue healing, and have Cared For them well.  Once we moved to Scotland, I began to deepen into this work differently.  And, I started to dream about ways to support my clients on their journeys outside of our individual sessions.  All that is below are the outpouring of that dreaming.

The Cared For Journal; Cared For Retreats (led by me); and Cared for Personalized Retreats (self-led).   

  • The Cared For Journal gives you the opportunity to develop (or further deepen into) into consistent and beautiful care for yourself. It includes Personal Practices that will ground your day. It also includes weekly Feelings Checks, a weekly Gratitude & Grieving Practice and space for both written and/or drawing Free Flow Processing.I encourage you to take time each day to engage with your Personal Practices, while also engaging weekly with the Feelings Check and Gratitude & Grieving Practice. More about the journal and the link to purchase it is on the Freebies page.   
  • Cared For Retreats (led by me)
    • Go to link above to read all about the Cared For Retreats
  • Cared For Personalized Retreats (self-led)
    • These will be 2 to 4 day retreats that are self led.
    • We plan the retreat together...from the location, activities and how you deepen and Care For yourself.

There will be more retreats to come in 2024 and 2025.  However, if you would like a group retreat in Scotland or a self-led retreat, please email me and we can discuss your options.

The foundations for my approach to therapy and therapeutic coaching are in Attachment Theory, Triune Theory of the Brain, Trauma Model, Codependency and Boundaries work, Recovery work, Feelings work, Inner Child work and Story work.

My post-doctoral trainings include: PIT with Pia Mellody; Advanced Counseling Certificate with Dan Allender; Brainspotting I; Experiential and Psychodrama trainings through Onsite Workshops. I work with individuals (both men and women). As we are currently in Scotland, I solely practice remotely.

I engage with this work by being trustworthy, hearing you as you share and explore your story, creating a safe space for you to do your work and lovingly challenging you to continue to grow. I throw in a good bit of humor too.

Maybe you don’t have to have everything figured out

right this very minute.

Dr. Berrylin Mangin